May 01, 2011

Lease Liability of Commercial Landlords

Recent decisions from the Supreme Judicial Court illustrate the importance of lease provisions and notices on the liability of commercial landlords.
April 01, 2011

Daubert and the "Weight of Evidence Approach"

In its recently issued decision in Milward v. Acuity Specialty Products Group, Inc., 2011 WL 982385 (1st Cir. 2011), the First Circuit Court of Appeals appears to have constrained the judicial gate-keeping role in determining the admissibility of expert opinions to some degree.
April 01, 2011

M&P Participates in Discovering Justice: Stand Up for Your Rights Program

Once a week for the last three months, Bob Powers, John Reardon, Cindy Pean, and Jared Giroux taught and coached a group of students from the St. John School in Boston’s North End
March 01, 2011

Loss of the "Natural Accumulation Defense" for Snow and Ice

In Papadopoulos v. Target Corporation, 457 Mass. 368 (2010), the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court overruled 125 years of legal precedent
March 01, 2011

Restraining Order Extension Secured for a Victim of Domestic Violence

Jared Giroux successfully secured a one-year extension of a restraining order for a victim of domestic violence.