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Updated Edition of Settlement Agreements in Commercial Disputes: Negotiaiting, Drafting and Enforcement

A comprehensive treatise addressing a variety of issues concerning the settlement of commercial and other types of disputes has been updated.  This two-volume work, Settlement Agreements in Commercial Disputes: Negotiating, Drafting and Enforcement, provides an analysis of the laws concerning settlements and provides practical advice as well as model agreements and forms.  The editor of this work, Richard A. Rosen, enlisted a number of attorneys to author, and regularly update, chapters on various topics.  For the past several years, Melick & Porter’s Matthew Welnicki has served as the updating co-author with Sanford Remz for two of those chapters:  Preserving Client Rights and The Lawyer’s Authority to Bind Clients.

Settlement Agreements in Commercial Disputes is available through Aspen Publishers, below is a link: