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Another MSJ win for our CT team!

Another win for our CT team!

Combining the effective use of deposition testimony and careful focus on the weaknesses in a plaintiff’s case, Charlie Gardner succeeded in obtaining summary judgment for the owner and property manager in a premises liability case in Connecticut Superior Court.

The plaintiff claimed she had fallen on ice in a parking lot, but admitted she never saw the ice which supposedly caused her fall. Instead, she relied on a comment made by “the ambulance guy” who had come to her aid after the incident.

Charlie argued that the alleged statement by the unidentified witness was inadmissible hearsay, and without it, the plaintiff’s case rested entirely upon speculation. The judge agreed. It’s not easy to win a slip and fall case at the summary judgment stage, but by exposing a hole in the center of the plaintiff’s evidence, Melick & Porter’s Connecticut office pulled it off. Great work!