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Melick & Porter Completes Another Year of Partnering with Discovering Justice Program

Melick & Porter would like to congratulate the students of St. John’s School for their outstanding work in the Discovering Justice Mock Trial Program.

With the help of Melick & Porter attorneys, the St. John’s students participated in Discovering Justice’s "An Evening of Mock Trials" at the Moakley Federal Courthouse in Boston on December 10, 2019. The students conducted a mock trial on the issue of Fourth Amendment searches and seizures in public schools. The Honorable Gary S. Katzmann, Judge for the United States Court of International Trade, presided over the trial.

The mock trial marked the end of the students’ participation in the 11-week Discovering Justice program led by Attorneys Jared Giroux, Shannon Doherty, Erinn Gloster, and Victoria Ranieri. Throughout the semester, the students learned about various legal issues and theories, along with the trial process. The students worked with Melick & Porter attorneys to prepare and present opening statements, direct examinations, cross examinations, and closing arguments for their respective clients. Judge Katzmann and the jurors who rendered a verdict at the conclusion of the trial praised the students for their professionalism, performance, and knowledge of the issues in the case.

Founded in 1998 and incorporated as an independent nonprofit in 2001, Discovering Justice is a Boston-based civic and justice education nonprofit organization. It offers innovative in-school, after-school, and courthouse field trip programs that teach elementary and middle school students about the justice system, the role of law in a democratic society, and the fundamental importance of good citizenship.

Melick & Porter has been a proud partner of Discovering Justice for over ten years and looks forward to working with this great organization in the years to come.