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Bill Keville Joins Discussion Panel at 2022 CLM Alliance Event

Join us as presenters provide an introduction to biomechanical analyses associated with minor vehicle impacts. Accident reconstruction and biomechanics are often used in tandem to answer questions regarding injury causation and evaluate alleged injuries or alleged events. The presentation will focus on rear-end impacts, which are the most common crash scenario in the United States. A focus of the presentation will be to make the material accessible to an audience that includes members with non-technical backgrounds. Claims professionals will learn to focus their investigation on critical information that impacts both liability and damages. The facts learned through this strategic investigation will enhance their ability to value claims.

Panel members:

Dr. Jessica Isaacs of Exponent has a multidisciplinary background conducting research in bioengineering, materials science and engineering, and mechanical engineering. At Exponent, she focuses on issues involving human injury biomechanics and evaluates kinematics and mechanisms of injury.

Joseph Wilson, an in- attorney for Travelers Insurance Company, focuses his practice on defending complex civil claims with an emphasis on wrongful death, transportation and construction matters.