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M&P Helps Client Eliminate Serious Premises Liability Exposure

A distinguished police officer suffered very bad injuries in the line of duty as a result of slipping on ice while responding to a call in a Walmart parking lot. The ice was caused by a ruptured pipe. The officer sued Walmart, which in turn sought to shift legal liability to M&P’s client, a municipal water authority. M&P attorneys Kaitlin Bair and Holly Rogers developed a defense based upon the lack of a legal duty. Both the plaintiff and Walmart claimed that the water authority should shoulder responsibility for failing to turn off the water supply. Attorney Bair argued that no duty could be established because pipes on private property are the responsibility of the property owner. In a thoughtful April 21, 2020 written opinion, the Bridgeport Superior Court agreed.  M&P’s summary judgment win eliminated the risks and expense of a jury trial, and a substantial damage exposure to our client.  If you have a question about premises liability law, please contact or We are happy to help.