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Melick & Porter, LLP is the defense law firm that insurance companies, corporations, small business owners, and individuals all trust for protection in general liability claims and lawsuits. If a claimant or multiple parties have filed against a general liability insurance policy that you hold, and you believe there is no legal merit to their claim, then we want to hear from you. From the moment you hire our Boston general liability lawyers to assist you, our focus becomes minimizing any risk or costs to you or your company.

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  • We have been practicing in New England since 1983.
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  • We have been named among “Best Law Firms 2021” by Best Lawyers®.
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Specific Focus on General Liability

General liability insurance and commercial liability insurance policies are sold to protect the policyholder from financial liability in a variety of situations. From physical accidents to breaches of contracts, general liability can apply. However, that does not mean that every claim or lawsuit filed against a general liability policy is valid or should be paid out in full. Our team is dedicated to making certain our clients are not taken advantage of by claimants, whether they are intentionally trying to exploit a general liability policy or simply don’t understand the limitations of the policy.

We can defend general liability claims filed against all sorts of insurance policies, such as:

  • Homeowners’ insurance
  • Auto insurance
  • Commercial liability insurance
  • Product liability coverages

Homeowners, drivers, restauranteurs, office managers, and more can all count on our firm for defense against general liability cases. We are here to make certain that insurance stays honest and effective, which means it is only paid out when it rightfully applies. Even then, we want to make certain that the payment amount is fair and not the maximum amount that some policyholders demand by default.

Preparing for Litigation from the Beginning

General liability cases cannot always settle. Even when a case does settle, there is always the chance that it ends one-sidedly and benefits mostly the claimant. In anticipation of a less-than-satisfactory settlement opportunity, our Boston general liability attorneys handle each case as if it was destined for trial from the start.

Early preparation for litigation means we will have already collected and examined evidence, worked with outside experts if needed, and researched how general liability cases in the region tend to lean based on jury pools. On the other hand, the opposition might have assumed you were going to concede at the first hint of challenge. Let’s catch them off-guard by bolstering your defenses right away.

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