Toxic Torts

Melick & Porter's involvement in the toxic torts area began in the 1980s with lead paint, asbestos, and chemical exposure claims. Our practice now additionally encompasses talc, mold, and numerous other toxic tort exposures. Over the past three decades, we have developed efficient and effective strategies for managing and litigating toxic tort cases. We tailor our approach for defending cases for each of our clients, whether it is informal, aggressive in discovery and motion practice, or trial.

As one of the country's leading toxic tort litigation defense firms, we have made a commitment to provide high quality legal and expert services to our clients who find themselves mired in this complex and ever-changing body of law. As toxic tort litigation grows more complex, we are commit­ted to maintaining our unique ability to provide a broad range of services to insurers, their insureds, and companies faced with some of the most pressing legal and public policy issues of today. We provide on-site client assessments and we frequently lecture at industry events on toxic tort litigation. Melick & Porter has the knowledge, experience, and ability to provide the best defense for any defendant in the toxic tort area.