Sexual Abuse Litigation

Melick & Porter has decades of experience defending sexual abuse claims. We provide pre-trial, trial, and appellate representation throughout New England to individuals and organizations, including private day and boarding schools, employers, and non-profits. We have served as trusted regional counsel for a national scout organization for over twenty-five years, and we were the only defense firm to provide arbitration services in connection with the global resolution of the Catholic Church sexual abuse crisis achieved by Commonwealth Mediation.

Our work resulted in one of the earliest appellate decisions on the applicability of the statute of limitations in sexual abuse cases, Phinney v. Morgan, 39 Mass.App.Ct. 202 (1995). As the law in this area has evolved, our practice and expertise has grown as well. Over the years, we have built a network of trusted experts to assist with our case evaluations. We have also developed professional working relationships with many, if not most, of the prominent plaintiffs’ counsel who handle these claims. We are committed to using these invaluable resources and relationships as well as our legal expertise to help insurers, insureds, and uninsureds build consensus in these cases and obtain fair and expeditious resolutions.