Hospitality and Restaurant

Melick & Porter has vast experience in the hospitality, leisure, and gaming industries. The complex nature of the hospitality industry creates a wide range of potential legal issues, some low risk and some potentially devastating. Our attorneys have a deep understanding of the challenges our clients face in the constantly evolving hospitality industry. We zealously defend our clients against claims ranging from routine slip and falls, contractual disputes, insurance-related matters, crimes committed by unknown perpetrators against guests, employee negligence, discrimination, alcohol/dram shop, and employment and labor issues. 

Our team of experienced attorneys takes a multidisciplinary approach to handling each case. We understand contemporary business and legal issues unique to the hospitality industry, and we draw on our collective expertise and resources to help our clients navigate these challenges. Because of our extensive knowledge of the hospitality industry, we are prepared to anticipate and resolve our clients’ legal issues to help our clients’ businesses thrive. However, should litigation become necessary, our team of highly trained attorneys have the skills to defend your case through trial.

The restaurant and nightclub industry is often considered one of the most glamorous professions in the market. However, owning or managing a restaurant or nightclub is a complex and multifaceted undertaking that comes with significant risk. Opening your doors to the general public can result in lawsuits and other legal issues. Having a comprehensive legal strategy in place to handle these matters is critical in limiting the distractions that impact your day-to-day business and for maintaining the reputation of your company. Melick & Porter has a long and proven record of success handling matters for our restaurant and food and beverage clients. We have decades of experience defending a variety claims against restaurant clients. We work closely with our clients to investigate accidents or claims and efficiently resolve issues. If litigation is unavoidable, Melick & Porter has trial-tested attorneys prepared to achieve the best possible results for our clients.

Melick & Porter is an engaged member of the National Retail and Restaurant Defense Association, and stays up to date on current issues and trends in the restaurant and retail industry.