Melick & Porter has litigated and actively defended asbestos exposure lawsuits involving personal injury and wrongful death claims throughout New England for over thirty years. Our attorneys are highly trained and experienced in asbestos defense in state and federal courts. We deliver prompt, vigorous, and client-specific strategies when asbestos lawsuits attack the integrity and reputation of manufacturers, distributors, retailers, and premises owners. We have resolved thousands of asbestos cases for our clients through negotiations, arbitrations, and trials.  

To control the cost of litigation and maximize the predictability of the outcome, we believe in early case evaluations. Therefore we utilize standardized procedures to streamline case management. We have developed an effective way to manage large caseloads for our clients to defend not only the immediate case at hand, but also to assist our clients' current and future cases. Furthermore, we work closely with our clients to develop procedures and defenses to avoid future lawsuits and/or limit liability exposure.