Product Liability

Product liability lawsuits and their potential for large damage awards pose a serious threat to manufacturers, suppliers, and sellers of products. The skilled attorneys on Melick & Porter’s product liability team have the technical knowledge and practical experience to successfully meet every challenge presented in these complex cases.

Our attorneys have extensive jury trial experience defending products in serious personal injury and wrongful death cases. We have successfully handled cases involving alleged manufacturing defects, design defects, and failures to warn. Our experience runs deep and includes a wide range of domestic and international products. Examples of these products include automobiles and trucks, construction equipment, industrial machines, medical devices, consumer products, food products, and recreational equipment. We are proud to have been selected as national coordinating counsel for a number of manufacturers. We are further honored that our attorneys have been chosen to speak at national professional conferences on the defense of product liability cases.

Melick & Porter's attorneys thoroughly immerse themselves in their cases. We develop close working relationships with our clients to understand every aspect of the product at issue along with every applicable industry and regulatory standard. We combine the talent and resources necessary to investigate the facts, identify key witnesses, and obtain critical testimony for a convincing defense. Our attorneys aggressively pursue every issue that bears upon liability, causation, and damages. If your product or business reputation is at stake, you can trust Melick & Porter to work with you to present a compelling and effective defense.