Appellate Litigation

Appellate advocacy requires a distinctive set of skills. The hallmark of a great appellate attorney is meticulous attention to detail, a firm grasp of the appellate record, a thorough understanding of existing case law, stellar writing skills, and the ability to effectively handle questions at oral argument. Melick & Porter brings these skills to every appeal that we handle for our clients. In addition, all of our senior appellate attorneys have over twenty-five years of experience in state and federal appeals courts. All of these factors contribute to our record of appellate success for our clients.

Sometimes, after a challenging trial or a disappointing outcome, it helps to seek a fresh perspective by employing new counsel to assist with or take charge of an appeal. Our appellate attorneys are available to fill that role for you and can bring fresh insights and energy to help you achieve your goals. We also understand that successful appellate advocacy begins long before a notice of appeal. Our appellate attorneys can serve as a resource for you and, should review prove necessary, they can work on your behalf to ensure that a proper record is created and all essential arguments are preserved. Or, if you are looking for assistance with an amicus filing, we have the expertise to properly bring your interest before the court.

If you need appellate counsel, seek exceptional results by working with Melick & Porter.